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Dear me...

Dear me,

Thank you! Thank you for being so brave, for believing in yourself, and for trying. It's never as easy as we would like it to be... I know! But you keep trying, you keep dreaming and finally, you're getting there, 'cause that's kind of what life is... D'you know?

When we were growing up, I never knew what I would like to be as an adult. It's actually kind of interesting how complicated it is for a 17-ish-year-old teenager to decide what he would like to study, and so, what he would like to be as an adult later on. That's actually kind of intriguing, isn't it? But suddenly I discover that it is not a must to give up everything we love doing while studying such an intricate career as medicine could be!

But here we are! Being a physician and being able to speak not one but several foreign languages; but definitely English has been one-of-a-kind in terms of all the opportunities we have discovered. It was not as quick as I would've loved it to be, but the most important this is to enjoy the process! It's like "le petit chemin" which is actually really long and difficult to go through! Especially when you start to get used to it, but then you're halfway to your goal and you're loving each second, you want to grab every memory and hold it as long as you can...

So... yes! That's what I wanted to tell you! It's never too late to start something new, it's never too late to learn a foreign language, and it's never too late to enjoy the process. Each hour counts, and you will see the results in a year or so. Don't force things, go with the flow, take a deep breath, and take also a break if you feel you need it! It's not about blaming someone or about finding thousands of excuses, but about trying!

To try hard, and to keep trying. You never know when those opportunities are going to come and you will be there, ready to grab them.

So, definitely...

Thank you, dear me!

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